History of Western Classical Music

This course will cover the development of Western classical music from its origins in Gregorian chant through to the music of today.

One of the primary objectives of this course is to give participants the tools that will allow them to understand and follow the structures and forms upon which classical compositions are built.

You do not need any musical knowledge or experience to benefit from these sessions - each class is made up of a live introduction and explanation of the topic, followed by musical examples and analysis through the use of videos and other multimedia.

If for any reason you miss a session, a link will be provided after each class so that you can view and listen to the class via a video recording.

  • Duration: Each session is 1 hour
  • Dates: Weekly for 10 weeks starting 1st week of September 2021
  • Fees: £10 per session or £80 (20%) discount) when booking for the whole course.

Course Programme:

Session Topic
1. Gregorian chant and the emergence of polyphony
2. The 10th and 11th Centuries
3. The 12th - 14th Centuries
4. The Renaissance
5. The Baroque
6. The Classical Era
7. The Romantic Era
8. Post Romanticism
9. The 20th Century
10. Beyond the 20th Century and Music Technology

The classes are delivered through ZOOM - post-lockdown that might engender an adverse reaction, but actually, online ZOOM meetings have some big advantages, especially in terms of sharing material such as videos, scores etc.

If you don't have an internet connection, you can log on to the sessions through a mobile or landline.

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