Music IT

I have been involved in Music IT since my first encounter with a Moog synthesiser at the Rubin Academy of Music in 1977. Combined with an introduction to Musique Concréte by Professor Yitzhak Sadai (who knew Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry and many other electroacoustic luminaries) I was absolutely entranced from day one.

After moving to the UK, I was involved in numerous 'electronic music' projects with two colleagues (Francis Monkman and Geaorge Chkiantz). set up Digital Music Archives (a company which promoted electroacoustic music), became a lecturer at the Guildhall School of music where I built their two electronic music studios and put together and taught the curriculum for students at all levels (incl. post Graduate composers) and was Music Director of the Electic Symphony Orchesra, a full size symphony orchestra which was amplified with surround sound in the concert hall and accompanied by light shows.

I began composing electroacoustic music in the 80's and continue to do so to the present day. I have and still use computers and music software, recording gear and other music related technology ona daily basis.

I have built many studios for schools and other educational institutions as well as teaching and helping others get on the Music IT ladder.

For further info and requests for advice or training, please contact me via the contact page on this website.